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In Need Of A Constant
Stuck in a time loop, searching for my constant.
My Personal Journal : boundtosailaway

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So, Archive Of Our Own is being wonky and not letting me post my full comment for my Yuletide Gift.... and I just have to comment on my story! :D So here is my comment and my thanks to my Yuletide Writer. Hopefully once all the bugs get worked out of the Archive Commenting I can post it there.

Oh my Yuletide Writer how I love thee! Let me count the ways!Collapse )
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I haven't updated this journal in a million years! Got busy and just didn't have time to fic write anymore. -le sigh-

But I am taking part in YuleTide this year so here is my "Dear Yuletide Writer" letter.

If you haven't signed up for Yuletide yet, jump on it!


Dear Yuletide Writer...Collapse )
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Fandom: LOST
Word Count:
Characters: Ben, Alex
Summary:  Ben will do anything that it takes to see that his daughter is rescued. Even if it means committing the ultimate sacrifice.
Spoilers For: 4x08 & trailer for 4x09

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For my claimed challenge at [info]1sentence  :

Fandom: LOST
Theme set:
Spoilers through Season 4

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